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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Step Away From the Cookies!

If there was a food item on this earth that could make me sabotage my entire Primal/Paleo lifestyle change, it would be the cookie.

Dang those soft, squishy, warm chocolate chips and sweet goodness. They are so awesome! I wish that cookies tasted terrible! I wish they were made out of dirt because I can say "No" to just about everything but a cookie.

During the past few days (Super Bowl Sunday EXCLUDED) I feel that I've done a pretty rockin' job on staying on the Primal Path. I've eaten like a champ and I have eaten no grains, no dessert, other than fresh fruit and I have been feeling great. I also joined a group that gets together to talk about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle--so exciting. Buuuuut, on the downside, I have to say that I have eaten a couple cookies, two to be exact...Darn it. Ugh.

So this is my goodbye post to cookies! For at least one month! After that, a cookie here and there won't be an issue.  Let's be honest, I feel like crap every time I eat one and every time I eat bread for that matter. It's just bad news all around.

So, I quit you cookies!

Cheers to LIFE! --Bree

Monday, February 7, 2011

Primal Life Update


I have discovered so many things while eating primally and researching this lifestyle. I am so happy to say that my body is healing from my previous eating lifestyle and I'm on the path to Primal Living....even though I have to be honest, it has NOT been easy to make this switch. It has been a mental challenge and there are good days and bad days when converting to this lifestyle.

While reading about this lifestyle I have discovered that our Neolithic diet has done our bodies very little good and A LOT of harm. Who knew that the so-called 'healthy' things I thought I was putting in my body were totally harming my body at the same time and made sticking to a healthy diet nearly impossible. YES, IMPOSSIBLE!

In fact, I have so many girlfriends who are constantly struggling with their weight and saying things like "oh, I would love to lose 10 pounds but I'm just so unmotivated", or they are motivated but grasping at straws to lose 5 pounds. Let's face it, as we get older we get fatter, softer and saggier. Frankly, I'm not ok with that. I'm also not ok with getting heart disease, cancer, having fertility problems or suffering from hormonal imbalances. All of the above have been shown to reduce significantly when following a primal/paleo lifestyle. So I said "Why not? I have nothing to lose!"

In the past, on calorically restricted diets with calories in/calories out mindset, I would struggle....I asked myself CONSTANTLY "I eat 'healthy' but I still gain weight." "Why do I feel tired all the time?" "Why do I feel irritable and gloomy?" and "Why the heck do I want to eat every 2 hours????"  HELLO! DIET, maybe?

It's true. It's our Neolithic, grain and sugar-filled lifestyle that exacerbates our unsightly 'squishy' look and bad attitude? I am living proof of that YES, it is our incredibly yummy, yet malnourishing diet of salt, sugar, grains, wheat, steroid-filled meats, processed foods and 'non-food' that is causing this problem. This traditional American diet is making us pudgy, round, saggy, sad, moody, irritable, infertile, forgetful, aloof, tired, SICK, medicine dependent and eventually, DEAD.

Awesome, huh? Are you scared yet? Because I was and I still am! I'm terrified that if I don't turn my lifestyle around and get with the program that I will sucumb to one of the many 'diseases' that ails our society and I really just don't have time for that. Do you?

So I guess I just decided to get with the program. It isn't easy. But good things in life don't come easy and if they did...well, everyone would have them. I literally read about this lifestyle daily...I live it the best that I can and I am seeing some serious results!!!

For the naysayers:

Please don't say that being fit and thin and healthy is just for people who are vain. Vanity is not the issue here, our HEALTH is the issue. I guarantee that everyone would chose to be fit, thin, healthy and alive, able to spend one more day with the people they love, than to suffer from diseases, pain and sadness. I don't know about you, but life is better lived when I'm healthy, happy and self-confident. You can't be healthy tugging around extra weight, struggling to tie your shoes and button your pants. You just can't. You aren't happy then and you definitely aren't healthy.

So after to coming to these realizations, I said "Wow. I gotta do this." I woke up and I started it and I'm sticking to it. And it's been over a month!

So friends...if you see me with a cookie...please tell me to read this to myself again...and to step away from the cookie. Thank you. And if we are out to eat and I don't eat like I used to...please understand. I'm just trying to be the best that I can be. Please encourage me!

I hope this inspires you guys somehow, someway to do the best that you can and to be the best that you can be.
Cheers to LIFE! Bree