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Friday, May 13, 2011

We all get a little lazy sometimes

I have to confess something. It’s terrible, but then again, most confessions are just that—Terrible. I’ve been eating Primally since January 1, 2011. I’ve had no trouble fitting in my jeans recently and that’s a great feeling, but I’ve been terribly lazy. L-A-Z-Y…
Pre-Primal Bree would be at the gym 5 to 6 days a week doing a mix of cardio and strength training. I was a self-described, “gym rat,” and I was totally ok with that. Now that I’ve got my eating under control, I’ve noticed that my trips to the gym are few and far between. In the past month I took a 2 week hiatus from the gym and worked out approximately 5 times total. Hmmm…what caused this change in me? This is not the Bree that I know…
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working my booty off in many other ways…I’ve been working on designing a better blog, researching and learning everything I can about blogging and web design. I’ve been designing new AAC tools for my clients to use with the iPad. I’ve been working on new goals for my clients. I’ve been shopping and cooking almost every meal at home. I’ve been spending time with friends and family. I’ve been really focused on getting enough sleep. But all this time, I’ve been neglecting my dearest friend, gym. Crap.
It’s not that I couldn’t go to the gym. I DO have the time. I DO have the desire, but I also have the desire to do the 20 other things that I mentioned above. Herein lays/lies the dilemma. I’m not perfect and dang it, I wish I was! So it’s time to put the gym back into the routine.
Tomorrow is gonna start off with a hike. Who is with me?? Any takers??
Cheers to Life!--Bree

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