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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some Helpful Paleo/Primal Stuff

I wanted to give people an idea of how I go through my daily routine and what keeps me motivated and informed about the Paleo/Primal Lifestyle. This post is strictly dedicated to some helpful websites, blogs, books and a little about each one to help you get started. I put in the work and you can take a peek and see what you think Paleo/Primal means to you.

1) The Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain. There is a revised and new version as of 2009/2010 (I believe). It has some updated research in the area and provides you a solid foundation for understanding what Paleo means. It explains the bad parts about grains, gluten, etc. It also explains WHY we eat what we eat and why we are meant to eat this way. Awesome read and I recommend it to all starters.

2) Mark's Daily Apple--when I first started this was my absolute "go-to" website. The FORUM is my favorite! People post questions daily on a variety of topics from exercise to eating certain protein powder to daily food journals of other Primal eaters.  I also enjoy his daily posts--very educational, as well as Mark's post about why grains are bad. Mark has also written an awesome book that you can get from his website or the local bookstore, it's called The Primal Blueprint. I'm about 50 pages in and loving it! 

Mark also hosts some awesome PAST seminars around the country where he educates others about the Primal way of life. I hope to attend one of these seminars soon. This guy really lives what he speaks and that's so inspirational.

Btw--if you have an iPhone he has an app that hooks you up to his site. It lists his daily posts which are my favorite things to read when I need to kill some time between clients or when I'm waiting to get an oil change.

3) Everyday Paleo is a great website for families who are trying to live the Paleo lifestyle. I am truly on there once a day and sometimes more! Sarah (the blogger) provides readers with real-life recipes that can be thrown together from the items in your fridge. She gives me ideas everyday and I haven't even had the chance to explore her entire website. She also has a friend/partner in crime, Chrissy, who writes the blog Growing Up Paleo , where she discusses Paleo living and pregnancy. It is possible to make this an entire lifestyle...something you WANT your kids to be living by every day.

4) I recently stumbled upon some yummy, Paleo snacks through Paleo People . I ordered a variety of their granola this week and I'm still waiting for it's arrival. It looks amazing and I cannot wait to fill you guys in on how it is.

5). Robb Wolf is one of the world's leading experts in the Paleo way of life. His blog is super informative! I have just begun to explore it. At the moment, my favorite part about his blog has to be the Podcasts. I pull these up on my phone whenever I have the chance and just listen to what he has to say...tons of info!!!  He has written a book that I hope to read soon called The Paleo Solution. He also owns and operates one of the Top 30 gyms in America called Nor-Cal Strength and Conditioning.  There is a lifetime of information on his blog.

6). There will be more to come I'm sure! But these books, blogs and websites have given me a pretty awesome start!

Cheers to LIFE!--Bree

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